Membership FAQ

Membership Profile

Members may e-mail to to enquire.

Members may download the “Change of Membership Profile” request form and e-mail to for updating.

Members may download the “Change of TA Name” request form or “Change of Company Name” request form and e-mail to for updating.

Note: The name of the entity which you would like to update must share the same UEN number as the current entity.

Members may download the “Change of Representative” request form and e-mail to for updating.

Note: The authorised representative appointed must be the owner, shareholder, a member of the board of management or a senior management personnel.

Members may e-mail contact details to for updating.

Note: As the Chamber liaison officer, he/she will receive all correspondence from SCCCI and will undertake the task of disseminating the correspondence to all interested parties in the association/company.

Members may download the “Membership Transfer” request form and e-mail to for updating.

Note: According to Chamber’s rules and regulations, the majority of the shareholders have to be the same for both entities in order to transfer membership.

Members may download the “Membership Conversion” request form and e-mail to for updating.

Note: Criteria for Conversion are as follows:

  1. From Annual Ordinary Corporate membership to Life Ordinary Corporate membership.
  2. From Ordinary Corporate membership to Associate Corporate membership (or vice versa).
  3. Individual membership to Corporate membership.
    N.B: Applicable for individual who is the majority shareholder of the company.
    Submission of Corporate Membership Application Form and payment for fee difference is required.

Members may download the “Membership Withdrawal” request form and e-mail to for processing.

According to Chamber’s rules and regulations, all resignations shall be tendered in writing; otherwise membership will continue to run and will be subject to annual subscription fee renewal.

Note: Membership will be terminated only when the member is wound up, liquidated or deregistered under the Companies Act.

Membership Payment

The annual subscription fee for each membership type is as follows:

  • Trade Association Member = $385.20 w GST
  • Corporate Member = $256.80 w GST
  • Individual Member = $192.60 w GST
  • Student Member = $24.00 w GST

Note: Special rates are extended to members who would like to renew for 3 years or 5 years. Please e-mail for the latest promotion rates.

According to Chamber’s rules and regulations, no refund of any entrance, subscription and administration fees or special contributions previously paid may be made to any resigning or expelled members.

We do not issue an invoice along with the renewal notification as members have the option to renew for 1 year, 3 years or 5 years. If an invoice is required, members may e-mail to to request for an invoice and state how many years they would like to renew for.

Note: Payment must be made within 3 months from date of invoice issuance.

Please provide your payment details such as cheque no. or transaction no. with date of issue and e-mail to for our verification.

Several modes of payment are available for payment of membership fees and other activities. Kindly refer here for more information.

Members' e-Portal

Members may email to to request for login details or to reset password.

The e-portal allows members to register for events at members’ rate and pay via debit/credit card. Members will also be able to use their event vouchers and check their balance.

Note: E-vouchers will take effect from January 2020.

Event Vouchers

Please take note that Physical Event Vouchers have been replaced with Electronic Event Vouchers with effect from January 2020. The Event Vouchers are issued to members as an early-bird incentive to encourage them to renew before 31 March as well as to promote more physical event participation. Since April 2020, all our events have been conducted online due to the pandemic, and are thus not chargeable. As such, the usage of Event Vouchers 2020 will be put ON HOLD until further notice.

Please note that we no longer issue Event Vouchers for renewals made from 31 March 2020 onwards. As Singapore’s vaccination programme has been very successful, more physical events will be gradually allowed to take place. Moving forward, we will organise more exciting physical events at a special rate exclusively for our members. We look forward to your active participation at our events. Thank you for your kind understanding.


You may register for events through the affiliated company that is holding on to the SCCCI membership.

You may tap into our community in the following ways:

  1. Attending our events and activities to widen your network and connect with our business community
  2. Sponsoring relevant events organized by the SCCCI
  3. Advertising in our corporate website or publication “Chinese Entrepreneur”

For collaboration on talks/seminars/conferences, members may e-mail to