SCCCI Interest Groups

The Career Women's Group (CWG), Mandarin Toastmasters Club and Folk Song Singing Class have been set up for members to share and pursue their common interests. They are self-contained, with innovative ideas, talents, resources and efforts contributed by members themselves.

  • Career Women's Group (CWG)

    Founded in Year 1994, the SCCCI Career Women's Group (CWG) was set up with the aim of attracting more career women to participate in the SCCCI activities, expand their network and to promote the holistic development of career women. To-date, CWG has more than 800 members in its community.

  • Mandarin Toastmasters Club

    Founded in Year 2000, the SCCCI Mandarin Toastmasters Club was set up to provide a platform for members to build up on their confidence in public speaking, strengthen their language expression and develop on their Leadership skills, which allows members to gain a competitive advantage in the workplace.

  • Folk Song Singing Class

    Founded in Year 2000, the SCCCI Folk Song Singing Class was set up to promote melodic Chinese folk songs and ballads, letting it reach a wider audience while enabling members to make new friends, uplift their mood, and be better acquainted with Chinese culture through performing popular Chinese folk songs.