Business Services

Seminars, Conferences, Workshops and Dialogues

The SCCCI regularly organises seminars, conferences and workshops to help our members and the business community to keep abreast with the latest market developments and opportunities, and acquire new capabilities as they upgrade and transform their businesses. We also organise dialogues periodically with the relevant government agencies to help our members better understand economic policies and measures that affect businesses, as well as to provide first-hand feedback to the government.


Overseas Business Missions and Networking Opportunities

The SCCCI regularly organises tailored overseas business missions for our members and the business community to regional and international markets. These missions allow businesses to uncover new market opportunities beyond Singapore. Our members are also invited to meet visiting foreign business delegations and participate in discussions to explore business collaboration with their overseas business counterparts.


Advocacy and Representation of Business Interests

Members faced with business issues may request SCCCI to make representations on their behalf on matters relating to doing business in Singapore. Our Council Members are represented on selected government committees and panels. We undertake proprietary surveys and studies and provide feedback, suggestions and recommendations regularly to the government on economic and business issues. We also hold regular dialogues with the relevant government agencies, including the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Manpower, and various statutory boards.


Trade Documentation

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Marketing Platform

Members could promote their products and services by considering to advertise through SCCCI’s flagship quarterly business publication “Chinese Entrepreneur” (华商), or through our website. “Chinese Entrepreneur” is widely distributed to our vast network of members, stakeholders, business partners and government agencies. Similarly, our website offers a digital platform that consistently garners a significant viewer base.