Corporate Membership

Open to Singapore registered company, firm or professional company. This membership type is grouped into two sub-categories: Ordinary Corporate and Associate Corporate Membership.

Ordinary Corporate Membership
The majority of the shareholders in the company/firm must be Chinese Singaporean(s) or permanent resident(s).  Its appointed representative must be an ethnic Chinese Singaporean or a permanent resident who is the owner, shareholder, a member of the board of management or a senior management personnel of the company/firm.  This membership type is further grouped into Life Corporate Member and Annual Corporate Member, depending on the choice of the members.

Associate Corporate Membership 
If the company/firm does not fulfill the Ordinary Corporate Membership criteria, it may opt for Associate Corporate Membership.  Associate Corporate Members do not have the right to vote or to be voted under the SCCCI Constitution but they will enjoy all other  membership benefits accorded to Ordinary Members.  Each Associate Corporate Member has to appoint one of its officials who is an ethnic Chinese to be the representative in the SCCCI.

For your convenience, a number of payment modes have been made available.


Life Ordinary Corporate Membership Fees



Ordinary/Associate Corporate Membership Fees


Fees to be paid in the first year of joining (depending on month joined).

Annual Renewal Fees (Jan - Dec) = S$240+GST

Please note that the annual subscription fees are pro-rated quarterly for the first year. Membership will expiry at end Dec of the following year. As applications will only be approved at the Council meeting held at each month end, applicants will officially become members in the following month. (e.g.: Applicants in January will only need to pay the 1st quarter’s fee and officially become members in February) Entrance and administration fees are one-time charge only.

Note: Closing date for each month is on the last Monday of the month. Applications received after this date will be processed in the following month.