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SCCCI Mandarin Toastmasters Club

About us

International Toastmasters Club

Toastmasters International is a non-profit educational organisation and has benefited 4 million people worldwide since it was founded by Dr Ralph C. Smedley in 1924. For more information, please visit the Toastmasters International website.

The SCCCI Mandarin Toastmasters Club adheres strictly to the complete and systematic training course from Toastmasters International. Members can learn about communication skills and strengthen their abilities to express themselves at their own pace, further enhancing their leadership skills, and eventually becoming more confident speakers. At present, SCCCI Mandarin Toastmasters Club consists of 40 members and it will continue to expand.


SCCCI Mandarin Toastmasters Club


Founded on 1st January 2000, the SCCCI Mandarin Toastmasters Club has now entered its 19th year. It was established by SCCCI Mandarin Toastmasters’ Founding President Ms. Guo Zhao Zhang and 20 other Toastmasters‘ members, with guidance from then SCCCI Council Member and Chairperson of the SCCCI Career Women‘s Group, Ms Claire Chiang, along with OAC Mandarin Toastmasters Club. The goal was to improve career women’s presentation skills.

From the second year on, the Mandarin Toastmasters Club started to conduct an annual Speechcraft course in the SCCCI Building. The goal was to provide a platform for those interested in public speaking, as well as to recruit new members into the Club.

In addition, the SCCCI Mandarin Toastmasters Club also helped to establish the Toastmasters Club in Bread Talk Group and ACCA.. The SCCCI Mandarin Toastmasters Club has been constantly achieving excellent results at Public Speaking competitions. In 2012, our Club initiated a Public Speaking training camp, enabling members to undergo two days of intensive training. Apart from this, many seminars related to Public Speaking have been organized by SCCCI Mandarin Toastmasters Club for members to take part in. After 19 years of hard work, the SCCCI Mandarin Toastmasters Club has developed its own unique characteristics, thereby attracting the participation of people from all walks of life.


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