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SCCCI Mandarin Folk Song Singing Class

About Us

SCCCI Mandarin Folk Song Singing Class was started by SCCCI Cultural Committee Chairman Tan Meng Kow and Vice-Chairman Leong Mun Sum on 13 May 2000.The purpose for establishing the Singing Class was to promote Chinese performing arts and provide a platform for SCCCI members who enjoy singing to relieve stress, cultivate their temperament, make friends and share business experiences.

In 2003, at the request of the students, the class changed its focus to learning China folk songs and was officially renamed as “China Folk Songs Golden Melody Singing Class”, abbreviated as “Folk Song Singing Class”.In August, SCCCI added a karaoke sound and imaging system for the class. The venue was moved from Kolam Ayer Community Club to the conference room located on the 2nd floor of the SCCCI building located at 47 Hill Street. On 7 October, SCCCI started the “Mandarin Era Golden Melody Singing Class”, which focused on teaching Mandarin songs from Hong Kong and Taiwan ranging from the 70s era to the present day. In the same year, the Mandarin Folk Song Class started to recruit members from the public.

Towards the end of March 2017, SCCCI relocated to the Trade Association Hub at Jurong Town Hall. The Mandarin Era Golden Melody Singing Class ceased its class, whereas the Folk Song Singing Class rented the music room of Kim Mui Hoey Kuan and continued to operate every Saturday. Presently, the Folk Song Singing Class has more than 30 members.


Vocal Instructor: Mdm Liu Xiao Hong


Liu Xiaohong was born in Hengyang City, Hunan Province, China. In 1972, she was joined the Hengyang City Song and Dance Troupe.

Year 1979 Admitted into Hunan Normal University music department and achieved a bachelor's degree with excellent results.
Year 1984 Received first and second prizes in provincial, municipal and national vocal competition. Received awards in Beijing and met with top Chinese leaders at the time.
Year 1987 Entered Beijing Central Conservatory of Music, the most prestigious music school in China, and studied under the famous Chinese soprano Ye Pei Ying. Participated in various large, medium and small gala performances in Beijing, and was the lead singer in "La Traviata" and "Song of the Yangtze River“.
Year 1989 Successfully held a solo concert at the Beijing Concert Hall, organised by the Chinese Musicians’ Association.
Year 1991 Invited by Singapore Southern Arts Society to serve as their Choir music instructor.
Year 1992 A solo concert was held at Singapore Conference Hall and was well-received. In the next 27 years, individual and group concerts were held in different countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia and China.
Year 2012 In September, a solo concert entitled "The 40th Anniversary of Liu Xiaohong's Artistic Life" was held in the Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay, Singapore.
Year 2015 Served as conductor and soloist in the concert hosted by Changhong Choir held at Victoria Concert Hall.
Year 2017 The Singapore Southern Arts Society and Changhong Choir hosted a concert at Victoria Concert Hall to commemorate the death anniversary of Peng Zhu Sheng. In the same year, she led a choir to Tongdao Dong Autonomous County in Hunan Province, China, to promote cultural exchanges with local art groups and to raise funds for local children living in poverty.
Year 2018 Led Singapore Southern Arts Society and Changhong Choir to Shenzhen, China for exchange visits and performances.


Currently teaching SCCCI Mandarin Folk Song Singing Class, Singapore Southern Arts Society, Konghwa alumni Folk Song Singing Class, Telok Blangah Folk Song Singing Class, Alexandra CC Folk Song Singing Class, Char Yong Association Club, etc.