Overseas Market Workshop - New Frontiers, New Collaborations and New Opportunities in China’s Thriving Economy

October 18, 2023 - October 27, 2023 (add to calendar)
03:55 PM - 11:00 PM
Location:  Shanghai, China
Non-Member Price: Free
Member Price: Free

With the continuous evolution of the current economic and geopolitical landscape, as well as changes in consumer behavior, Singaporean companies planning to enter China's emerging market need new insights. Shanghai, a prominent international metropolis with strong innovation and openness, offers valuable opportunities. This trip aims to help participants understand Eastern and Western ideologies, gaining a comprehensive view of China's evolving business environment. Through workshops and interactions with local businesses, they can grasp developmental trends in the China market, preparing for successful overseas expansion.

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Why should I participate?  

At the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

• Understand the current economic scenario of China

• Gain global insights into new consumer and “New Retail” trends

• Gain insights into the classic features of China’s current society, business and culture, and identify practical market strategies that target China’s young consumers

• Understand the new development trends of China’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) industry, innovative business operations and management and the value of business innovation 

What will it cover?

• Lessons will be conducted by industry experts and practitioners

• Topics include:

   Analysis of China's macroeconomic trends and political-economic situation.

   Understand China's business transformation and development trends and innovation and breakthroughs.

   Exploring Shanghai as a city of innovation, culture, and ecology.

   Site visits to advanced technological enterprises to discover new opportunities for collaboration.

*Site Visits and sharing sessions with:

SAIC Volkswagen Automotive, Baidu, Ctrip HQ, Tencent, G60 Innovation Centre, West Bund Area of Xuhui District, Shanghai DHGE, Shanghai Commerce Bureau, Business Associations in Shanghai, etc.

*Tentative Programme; actual company visits might differ.

Who should participate? 

Business owners and professionals, senior executives and  representatives  from different industries who are interested in exploring business opportunities in China are encouraged to participate.

Course Fee: S$4,850

Admin Fee: S$250

Final fee after gov funding: S$1,705 

(inclusive of lectures, business meetings, seminars, corporate visits, networking sessions)

- Airfares, accommodation & personal expenditures are not included.  These expenditures shall be borne by participants.

Government Support

This programme is supported as an Overseas Market Workshop by Enterprise Singapore. To qualify for government subsidy, participants must be  Singaporean or Singapore PR that are employed by companies incorporated/registered and based in Singapore with at least 3 core business functions/activities* operated from Singapore.


Full payment of the programme fee must be paid within 7 working days upon successful registration of the programme with SCCCI.

Registration is now open!

Closing Date: Friday, 6th October 2023or when participation numbers reach 25 before the closing date.

For enquiries 

Mr Zekson Tan | E-mail:  zekson@sccci.org.sg | Tel: +65 6430 8335