[June 1 2019] SCCCI Members' Nite

[May 9 2019] Official Opening of Singapore Enterprise Centre @ Chengdu & Relocation of Singapore Enterprise Centre @ Shanghai

[April 2 - 5 2019] Business Mission to the Philippines

[March 29 2019] Trade Association Committee Retreat

[March 19 2019] SCCCI-PWC-UBS Family Business Sharing Series




It has come to our attention that there is an entity called the “Singapore Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCI)”, whose name and logo closely resemble that of the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCCI).  The contents of their website at https://scci.sg/ also closely resemble the SCCCI website at https://www.sccci.org.sg.

We hereby clarify that SCCI does not belong to, and not part of, and is not in any way related to SCCCI, and we are not supporting or endorsing any action and activity undertaken by this entity. We would like to remind members and the public to exercise caution when dealing with this entity as they are not associated with SCCCI in any way even though their name closely resembles ours.  Thank you. 

2019 Budget Seminar (Post Event)


Business Outlook 2019 (Post event)

Recession not upon us, but forces of change are.

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When trade dilutes, respond with diversification

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The Quintessential Chinese Entrepreneur: Interview with Sherman Kwek

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SME Center @ SCCCI

SME Centre @ SCCCI

SME Centre at SCCCI is a collaboration between SPRING Singapore and Singapore Chinese Chamber of Comm


Singapore Chinese Chamber Institute of Business

The SCCIOB.  Your Choice Institute for Learning Business Chinese

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World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention​

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