The Data Analytics Approach Towards E-Commerce





The rapid growth of E-Commerce globally over the past few years is projected to remain and even more so in Asia. This is of no surprise as urban population increases and more people have access to the internet and their smartphones. However, as E-Commerce gets more competitive it would require more effort from Brands and Products to establish themselves a foothold on online marketplaces. Through the use of data, online merchants can be placed in a better position as it provides them with the edge. If not, it will help at least level the playing field.


Key Seminar Take-aways:

  • Understand the uniqueness of various E-Commerce platforms and their potential applications.
  • How will Data value-add to your E-Commerce endeavour
  • Case Studies – Beneficiaries of data-driven E-Commerce 


Priority will be Given to:

- Any Business Owner or Marketers whom are already on e-marketplace platforms or planning to embark on the journey.


Speakers Profile

Mr. Adam Low is the Co-Founder of Y Ventures Group, and serves as the Group’s Managing Director. Based in Singapore, Y Ventures Group is a data driven e-Commerce company and listed on SGX. Capitalising on its data analytics capabilities, Y Ventures partner with the world’s leading brands to sell their products in multiple countries across various online marketplaces.


Mr. Eric Lew is  the Executive Chairman and Director of Y Ventures Group and joined the company in March 2019. Eric has 19 years of extensive experience as the former Executive Director in SGX-listed Wong Fong Industries Limited. He has invaluable experience in transforming a conventional engineering business into a public-listed industry leader. With a passion for building great Singapore companies and brands, he joined Y Ventures as he believes Y Ventures can help Singapore companies and brands to expand their online presence globally.


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