Riding Through The China-US Trade War






Starting in January 2018, China and the United States are locked in an ongoing trade war as each country has introduced tariffs on goods trade with each other. As the geopolitical tensions, trade issues between China and US escalated, this tension is likely to continue and impact Singapore’s open economy and companies.

Learn from industrial and economist experts on what are some of the impacts that will spills over to business sentiment and other factors of growth and how can SMEs ride though these impacts and seek opportunities from the China-US Trade war.


Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding the effects of US-China Trade War
  • What is the implication to the businesses who are importing into US of China origin products and vice versa?
  • What should the businesses do to identify new opportunities to export to US and China?
  • Highlight the use of Free Trade Agreements.




For enquiries, please contact Ms Tiffany Shia at tiffany@sccci.org.sg or 6430 8312.