Reaching & Selling to Your Customers on Social Media





New Faces of SMEs: Challenger Series

Social Media is more than just a platform for letting your customer know about your brand and products. For some businesses, Facebook page has totally replaced the role of website and evolve into a new way to conduct business. In this fast pace and highly connected world, the customer need to understand your messages and take actions fast. Learn how to leverage Social Media as a powerful tool to engage and convert browsers to buyers.


Learning Objectives

  • To discover a new way to do marketing
  • Understand how social media can be a powerful marketing tool
  • To build a powerful digital/social marketing contents
  • Use social media as your store front.
  • Using chatbot to scale improve engagement
  • Frictionless channel for your customers to buy


Key Take-aways

  • Advantage of Digital Marketing
  • The different aspects of digital marketing
  • Understand the customer experience journey
  • Develop a social media strategy that work for you
  • The Importance of contents on social media
  • Social media as a new retail frontier
  • How does social impact business’s website and apps
  • How to implement a frictionless buying experience


Targeted Audience: Business Owners, Marketers whom are looking to better leverage on Social Media and associated automation to offer a seamless experience.



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