Leverage on a Direct and Cost Effective Way to Engage Your Customers on Mobile





Workshop Synopsis:

Mobility has and still is, billed as a major disruptor today. Even Facebook has adopted a mobile-first approach & has not looked back since. Mobile app is expensive to develop and costly to maintain. Visual IVR is probably SMEs’ best option to adopt a direct and cost effective mobile strategy.


Key Workshop Take-aways:

• Understand what is Visual IVR and its major differentiator from Mobile App
• Strategise Your Own Visual IVR Roadmap
• Build Your Own Visual IVR
• Learn how to effective communicate your Visual IVR to your existing & potential customers
• Lastly, get tips on leveraging other eco-systems to drive your business.



Who Should Attend:

- Any Business Owner or Marketers whom are looking for alternative ways to engage with existing & potential customers via mobile.