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The secret to becoming “UNSTUCK” as a leader & The Power of Influence
How can you lead your people in times of turbulence when you, as the leader, are feeling stuck and uncertain how to proceed in the fast-changing disruptive economy? Do you know the title of “Leader”
does not automatically come with influence?
As a leader, you would thought that you have tried everything, but in reality, you were simply unaware of what else was an option. How can you get UNSTUCK and move forward? As human capital goes,
you need good, loyal people working with you to bring your business to greater heights. Therefore, develop and retain a productive and profitable workforce by becoming a leader of influence has
become a crucial task for every leader.

Key Takeaways:
• Learn the 4 points to getting “UNSTUCK”: AWARENESS | OUTCOME | RESOURCES | ACTION
• Leadership fundamentals: the things we thought we knew about leadership
• Communication and equipping others
• Learning to ask the questions that get the results you want
• Rapport building skills
• Learn to influence

John Maxwell Leadership Trainer | Keynote/Motivational/Transformation Speaker | High Potential Coah
Angelo is said to be one of the most engaging and dynamic speakers, coaches and trainers in Singapore. His speciality is in Cultural Leadership and professional development of high potential employees at all levels and entrepreneurs. He has a passion for creating lasting change by encouraging a mindset of constant improvement (Japanese “Kaizen”) and providing the tools and methodologies necessary to implement and support this philosophy.

Programme Schedule:
09.30am - Registration
10.00am - The secret to becoming UNSTUCK as a Leader
11.00am - Tea Break
11.30am - The Power of Influence - Part 1
01.00pm - Lunch break
02.00pm - The Power of Influence - Part 2
05.00pm - Q&A
06.00pm - End

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