Unlocking the Human and Data Science behind People, Performance & Profitability





Putting the right people into the right job roles is tough because evaluating talent requires subjective judgement that all too often is inaccurate. To better compete, businesses need new thinking and tools for hiring the right people and matching them with the right roles.

Many firms attempting to cut costs, reduce turnover, grow revenues and improve service levels discover that human and data science can deliver a practical solution. Done well, the result is lower costs and significant improvements in performance; and firms that do, can outperform competitors by 2-to-1 (McKinsey research).

In this workshop, you will:

  • Understand how ‘human’ performance attributes can determine success in hiring the right people for the right roles – far beyond traditional skills and experience
  • Adopt a new mindset and develop confidence in using ‘human data analytics’ for team and business growth
  • Develop practical new thinking about how to use ‘talent’ data to make consistently better decisions about people
  • Learn how to better connect the hiring of people to performance, costs and profitability
  • Develop an action/implementation plan to identify your critical job roles; and determine the traits that are delivering outstanding performance in those roles
  • Learn about tools that provide talent guidance for the right roles that make economic sense.



Brett Morris
Co-Founder & CEO, PerceptionPredict®

Brett has worked with hundreds of firms across every size of enterprise and spanning forty plus industry verticals. He oversees customers, markets, financials and commercials for Perception and has significant experience in business and sales force optimization, workforce talent analytics, predictive people analytics, sales force leadership, change process facilitation and technology investment spanning Asia-Pacific and North America.


For enquiries, please contact Mr Zekson at zekson@sccci.org.sg or 6430 8335.