Cultural Intelligence: Managing in Culturally Diverse Environments





Today, understanding and navigating cultures is as important as ever. With the nature of business growing increasingly globalised and the growth of the mobile workforce, the workplace has become a melting pot of cultures with people from all over the world – regardless of which country you are operating in. Rather than focusing on “how to do business in…”, developing a better understanding of differences, adapting and blending in when needed goes a long way in managing culturally diverse environments.

Cultural intelligence promotes the ease of dealing with people from different cultures, smoothen communication and collaboration, persuades and influence across borders, facilitates working in virtual teams, managing unconscious bias and even help people from traditionally more quiet cultures to speak up and step up.

During this workshop, Mette Johansson will help you tackle intercultural misunderstanding at its roots, starting with creating an awareness of why, and how we are different, as well as providing practical strategies to benefit from diversity.


Who should attend?

Team leaders, managers and executives who are looking to expand overseas and/or had to work with multi-cultural teams in another cultural setting.


Key takeaways

- Increase your intercultural intelligence

- How to smoothly navigate cultures



Mette Johansson

A global citizen who speaks fluently in 4 languages and has lived, studied, worked in 11 countries.

Mette Johansson is an internationally renowned author, keynote speaker and award-winning entrepreneur. She worked in leadership roles for multinational corporations across the globe for 15 years before founding MetaMind Training, a training consultancy that provides highly customised learning programmes on people skills such as authentic leadership; presenting with impact; and intercultural intelligence.

Mette is the founder and relentless driver and Chair for KeyNote, a non-profit online directory of female speakers. She is on a mission to bring diversity to stages around the world.



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