Adaptability Quotient (AQ): The Art of Re-invention in a Fast Changing World





As automation and technological development continue to disrupt business, some sectors have seen a reduction in their workforce by as much as 70%. This trend looks set to continue; work itself is transforming and a premium will be out on the value-add that only humans can provide.

The need to adapt becomes more urgent in the fast-changing world where change is the only constant. The demands of a more fluid environment requires one to quickly adapt and acquire new skillsets, mindsets and heartsets. Adaptability Quotient (AQ) is thus, a life skill that will eventually be more crucial than IQ and EQ.

Learn the art of reinvention to continuously adapt ourselves in a dynamic environment. Join this workshop to unlock opportunities and master ways to overcome the challenges by fostering AQ on an individual, team and organisational level.


•  Acquire useful hard and soft skills to stay relevant in the workforce

•  Learn the application of neuroscience to excel at work

•  Foster emotional flexibility to promote professional evolution

•  Utilise technological advancement to revolutionise the way people work

•  Explore how some companies create the conditions and culture that develops high productivity, positive workforce engagement and fierce loyalty



•  Individuals interested in acquiring AQ as a life skill

•  Talent development personnel who want to maximise human performance in the organisation

•  Companies keen to achieve breakthroughs in business performance



Highly Sought-after Award-winning Behavioural Scientist

Nick Jarvis Tan is the principal trainer and facilitator of a global talent development firm that serves leading businesses, government institutions and non-profit organisations. Known for his unique ability to incorporate both Eastern and Western business philosophies and practices that produce paradigm shifting insights, Nick specialises in maximizing human performance, as well as fostering human connectedness in the workplace. He has also conducted transformative training programs to top global brands like Google, Microsoft and BNP Paribas.


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