Upcoming ESG Overseas Market Workshops

Theme: The Belt and Road Initiative: Taking Advantage of the Development of China’s Western Region  (Registration closed)
City of Visit: Chongqing
Date: 03 – 08 June 2018


Theme:  Digital Restructuring:  China’s Development of “Blockchain” Technology and Applications (Registration closed)
City of Visit:  Hangzhou
Date:  08 – 13 July 2018


Theme:  New Business Opportunities: The Disruption Changes and Restructuring of China’s Agricultural Sector (Coming Soon!)
City of Visit:  Jilin
Date:  09 – 14 September 2018


Theme: New Era, New Mindset and New Milestone for the New China Economy (Coming Soon!)
City of Visit: Shanghai
Date:October 2018 


Theme: Exploring Business Opportunities in China’s Wellness & Eldercare Industry (Coming Soon!)
City to visit: Kunming
Date:November 2018