Upcoming ESG Overseas Market Workshops

Theme:  The Digital Economy and Smart Era: New Development, Trends and Opportunities (Registration Closed)
City to Visit:  Beijing & Tianjin
Date:  26 May – 1 June 2019


Theme:  China’s Services Sector:  New Formats, New Models and New Industries (Registration Closed)
City to Visit:  Chengdu
Date:  7 - 12 July 2019


Theme:  New Business Opportunities: Disruptive Innovation and Restructuring of China’s Agricultural Sector (Registration Closed)
City to Visit:  Jilin
Date:  1 - 6 September 2019


Theme:  Exploring Business Opportunities in China’s Marine Economy and Food Processing Industries (Registration Closed)
City to Visit:  Yantai & Weihai
Date:  13 - 19 October 2019


Theme:  China’s New AI and Advanced Manufacturing (Registration Closed)
City to Visit:  Shanghai & Suzhou
Date:  17 - 22 November 2019


Theme:  Exploring Business Opportunities within China’s Greater Bay Area (Upcoming)
City to Visit:  Guangzhou, Shenzhen & Zhuhai
Date:  8 - 14 March 2020