Trade/Industrial Fairs and Investment Talks

The SCCCI organises trade missions to take part in trade / industry fairs and investment talks in regional and international markets regularly. The SCCCI also conducts trade / industrial fairs and investment talks periodically for members within Singapore. Members are also frequently invited to meet with foreign delegations and participate in discussions on potential trade and investment ventures in Singapore and abroad. 

Business Matching Facilities

The SCCCI receives a wide range of trade and investment enquiries from foreign companies seeking suitable partners in Singapore. These are evaluated and disseminated to members regularly through various channels, such as publications like Chinese Enterprise and websites, which include the World Chinese Business Network (WCBN). WCBN is an on-line business portal that captures information on Chinese companies, Chinese trade associations, and global business opportunities to facilitate business networking. It can be accessed at

Representation of Members' Business Interests

Members may request the SCCCI to make representations on their behalf on matters pertinent to doing business in Singapore. Council members are represented on advisory committees of government bodies and statutory boards. In its role as the major representative body of ethnic Chinese business in Singapore, the SCCCI is responsible for regular submissions to the Government on policy changes or adjustments. The SCCCI also participates in regular dialogues with the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the Feedback Unit, and relevant government departments.

Trade Documentation

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Marketing Channels

Members could consider advertising with the SCCCI via its official quarterly newsletter “Chinese Entrepreneur” or websites. The SCCCI publication is circulated to all 4,000 direct members of the SCCCI as well as some 1,000 statutory boards and business associates of the SCCCI. In addition, 160 trade associations receive additional copies of this publication for circulation to their own members. Both advertising avenues will help business associates reach out to an elite group of potential consumers at economical rates.

Business Conferences, Seminars and Workshops

The SCCCI organises these events regularly to help members network with one another, update themselves with the latest business news and opportunities, acquire good business management practices and understand the Government’s economic policies and measures better.